The San Diego Brush Whackers' chapter was established in 1976 and for more than 40 years has provided a place of learning and fellowship for decorative painters.  The shared love of decorative painting by its members has sustained this chapter and continues to make it a wonderful place to explore and share art.  If you live in the San Diego, California area we would love to have you join us!  Please see our membership page to learn how to join.

The Board and Committee Chairs 2022
Pam Lieberknecht


Donna Eledge

2nd Vice President - Membership

Pam Lieberknecht
Rayma Stewart

1st Vice President - Programs

Cecelia Denton

Secretary and Autumn Get Away

Sheri Barker.jpg
Sheri Barker
Carol Wolfe

 1st Vice President - Programs & Facebook and Website

Sue Ludlam.jpg
Sue Ludlam


Carol Phillips

Ways and Means

Sally Anson

San Diego Country Fair 

Joyce Hatch

Autumn Get Away

Claudia Sepulveda


Nedra Hatherill

Christmas Party

Jenny Stabile

Children's Charity

Charity - Panty Raffle 

Maddie Sanchez.jpg
Maddie Sanchez

Newsletter Editor/


Penny Hobbs

Christmas Party 

Andrea Toth

San Diego County Fair